Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Should I do it?

Scott thinks I should write about book.  He says that as many books as I've read....."You should have no problem putting one together."

Part of me agrees with him as I do have some very interesting topics I could write about.

1. My Life.  People will probably think some things are totally made up but I promise if I would all be true!  100%.  However, names of others would be changed so I don't get sued and so no one else would know whom I talking about.  And those that know who they are will probably not enjoy the "fun" names they've been assigned.

2. Funny Rom-Com.  I enjoy the laugh out loud romantic type of books the best.  Everyone needs to take time to relax and not have to "think" about it....just enjoy.  And my books will wrap up as I see it; it will NEVER be left to the reader's imagination.  I mean if that was the case....they should have written the book.

3. My mom.  Her life was a novel you couldn't put down.  It would make you cry, laugh & possible angry.  It's a roller coaster ride that most people wouldn't buy a ticket for.

4. Last is on our dog, Eddie.  He adores our pup and feels that Eddie has many tales to tell.  He also wants a YouTube Channel for Eddie with voice-overs but we don't have time for it.  Would be funny though!

So, I sit and think....should I try?  Try one chapter and see how it goes?  It's a interesting prospect for sure.