Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Gratitude list

I'm grateful all year long but I wanted to list what I'm grateful for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.
  1. God.  I'm so thankful/grateful to all He has done for me and blessed me with.  This would be the longest blog in history if I listed everything.
  2. My husband.  Talk about a blessing from God (see #1)!!!  This man has been thru Hell and back with me and still remains faithfully by my side, seeing me thru it every step of the way.  I pray that everything woman finds a husband as wonderful as mine.
  3. My children; Scottie, Andrew, Hope & Patience.  Though the girls are no longer with us, I'm so grateful that I was blessed to have just a few preciously moments with Hope and a few hours with Patience before God called them home.  I have no understanding as to why they could not stay with us but God sees the big picture and one day, I will understand.  I will not be bitter (was at first) but I will allow God to continue planning my life.
    My boys are such a blessing and I'm so proud to be their mom.  They both have chosen paths of security:  Scottie as a prison guard and Andrew as a solider in the Army.  Though, I worry for each of them and their safety....I'm proud to have children that want to protect & serve in their respective fields.  
  4. My Church.  We have a wonderful church that absolute truth is shared and not diluted to "fit" the world's standards now.  We have made wonderful friends that we cherish and are blessed to be part of something that's eternal.  
  5. My siblings:  DJ, Angie & Sharon.  As all families do, we have had our ups and downs but overall, I'm happy/proud to call them family.  Each have their own families and though we have busy lives and sometimes forget to stay in touch....I will always cherish them and be there.
  6. My parents:  Danny, Gloria and Dot.  My mother passed away a few years ago and I miss her terribly but glad I had many years with her.  She taught me many things and though, we struggled with our relationship for years...in the end, our love overcame all obstacles that kept us apart.  My father has been a staple of stability in my life and I will forever be a daddy's girl.  He married Dot in 1994 and she has been a true blessing to him and our family.  I am so happy that my dad is able to share his life with someone that loves him completely.
  7. Eddie.  Eddie is our beloved 3rd child (well, he's technically a dog) and he rules the house for the most part.  I do step in to correct his dominates at times but overall....he's in charge  =^..^=
    He was a present to my husband 4 years ago and the look on his face was priceless.  Eddie was the perfect choice to join our family.
Please take this holiday to celebrate what you're grateful for and be Thankful for all you've been given....even if you feel it's not much....someone else would love to have your life.