Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The journey began...

As promised (to myself & my son), I began my journey to a healthy life. I used www.myfitnesspal.com and it's such an awesome tool for those looking to keep track of their progress for FREE. Yes....that's right....FREE. I have been down the road of paying for services and they worked but I'll take free. I started with doing Oxycise again which is one of the BEST exercises for several reasons:

 1. Stress: If you have any stress in your life, I recommend this program. The deep breathing is such a mood lifter (is that a word???)

 2. Inches: I measure every morning and see loss somewhere. It may be a 1/4" or more; the first time I used this program....I lost 15" all over. It was inspiring to see the changes even when the scale wasn't moving. It's a big motivator, as you are seeing daily results.

 3. Awake: The breathing helps you wake up and feel better. There are just so many benefits and the BEST benefits....you lose 1 & 1/2 times the calories that you would on a treadmill for the same amount of time.

 This is a 15 min program and once you get down the routine, you can watch TV and do the exercise. And who doesn't have 15 mins in their day. Website: www.oxycise.com (you WON'T be sorry)! Oh & NO...I do not work for Oxycise nor am I affiliated with them. I just know it works and when I love something....I wanna share. Weighed In Sunday (1/4/15): Down 1.6lbs from 12/29/14. = 6 days. That's was nice to see.

 I have a bit of an obsession with the scale so of course I weighed myself this morning and was down another 1.6lbs.....ROCK ON WITH MY BAD SELF! Excited to see what the inches reveal tomorrow morning. If you have questions on Oxycise or My Fitness Pal....let me know. After 12 years of trying almost everything, I can probably give you some tips/tricks.

 OHHHHH, make sure when you are using the Oxycise program to over-exaggerate the positions including the breathing. Believe me, this is good advice! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday.