Monday, January 12, 2015

The joys of friendship

I have been so blessed over the last 20 years with a fantastic best friend...whom is my husband! We are still like newlyweds and I couldn't be happier with my life. I have some very close girlfriends that I've known for quite some time and they are each very special to me. Again....truly blessed!

Recently, I have been blessed with new friendships that I cherish. There are 3 sisters that have come into my life and it was an instant connection. They are so beautiful inside & out. They radiant love and it's refreshing to see. It's just a wonderful thing when God puts all the pieces into place at just the right time. Having good friends in life is so very important to your health & well-being.

Friends that you can be "real" with...friends you can say anything to and they will be by your side without judgement. These are the friends that I have collected over the last 17 years.

Thank you for being in my life and taking a big part in the journey....I love each & every one of you!